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Basic Programs & Services

  • Financial Empowerment (Money Management)
    • Planning a Budget
    • How to Save
    • Having (or Getting Rid of) Credit Cards
    • Loans and Investments
    • Making Kids Money Smart
    • Home or Car Buyer/Ownership  (Asset Building)
    • Evaluating and Improving Your Credit


  • Computer Skills Training (Being Armed for Today’s Technology)
    • Back to Basics: Using a computer
    • Windows:  the Basics
    • Software Applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Power Point)
    • Internet Usage and E-mailing
    • Improving Your Keyboard Skills
    • Internet Safety


  • Job Readiness Training (Preparing, Finding, and Keeping a Job)
    • Identifying Your Skills: Ones You Were Paid  For & Those You Weren’t
    • Preparing an Effective Resume
    • Applying for Jobs
    • The Interview Process:  Being prepared (includes mock interviews)
    • “How Do I Look?” – First Impressions Do Matter ( appropriate dress)
    • Job Placement Assistance (whenever possible)
    • Job Retention:  “I Got It, Now I Gotta Keep It”


  • GED Assistance/Training
    • Assistance studying for GED
    • Proctor for online GED classes
    • Referral to multiple on-site GED locations
    • Gift certificate awarded for successful completion (for L.E.A.P. participants only)


  • IEP (Individual Education Plan) Mentoring
    • Understanding the IEP process
    • Attend child’s IEP meetings when requested
    • Assist in identification of services when possible


  • Parental Skills Training
    • Basic Parenting Skills:  Common Mistakes All Parents Make
    • Communication Between Parent & Child
    • Parent & Child Activities: Simple Fun For the Whole Family
    • Stress Management:  Relax, Relate, Release
    • Nutrition:  Healthy Eating That Still Tastes Great!
    • Anger Management:  Recognizing It Is To Control It


  • Resource Assistance
    • Helping identify where to go or who to contact
    • Initiating contact on your behalf when possible
    • Assisting through our own network if possible


  • Advocacy Training (Advocacy 101)
    • Learn to effectively speak up for yourself, your family, & community
    • What does it mean to be or become a registered voter: Voter Bill of Rights
    • Understanding the legislative processes and knowing your elected officials
    • Getting educated about ballot issues and candidates


  • Holiday Support Program (HSP) – “All I Want For Christmas…..”
    • Confirmed recipients are required to participate in L.E.A.P. program if not already doing so at the time of acceptance
    • Selection is done through a nomination process.  Priority consideration is given to nominations that come through our L.E.A.P. program and community partners that we already have established relationships with
    • If approved for participation, families are not notified until we have a firm commitment from supporters to adopt them
    • Adopted families agree to be photographed for publishing purpose (Personal information will remain confidential and NEVER be shared without family’s express written consent)


  • Family & Individual Mentoring
    •  Individual mentorship is done through our L.E.A.P. program, but we work with entire family when requested
    • Youth-to-youth mentorship is available through our Junior R.A.A.! Team


  • Forward Leaping Youth (F.L.Y.) Program
    • For young people age 12-19
    • An avenue for them to voice and share their needs and concerns without censor
    • Provides curriculum, workshops, and activities designed to address those needs and concerns
    • Planned outings and activities for safe networking and fun
    • Positive Self-development and Goal planning assistance
    • Young people mentoring other young people
  • Wee-F.L.Y. Program
    • For children under 12
    • Provides events, programs, and activities designed to promote education, creativity, and positive interaction and social skills
    • Planned outings and activities for safe networking and fun
    • Positive Self-development and support


    *Young Ladies of Excellence (YLOE) Program

    • For young ladies age 10-18
    • Sessions designed to nurture in areas critical to positive growth and maturity
    • Teach and support 5 key ingredients:  Positive Self-Esteem, Character Enrichment, Spiritual Maturity, Good Citizenship, and Personal Development
    • Community service projects
    •  Activities and events that promote positive interaction with others
    • Meets regularly 1 - 2 times per month

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