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2017 "All I Want For Christmas....."

Holiday Support Program


Thank you to all that helped make our 2016 Holiday Support Program the success that it was!  With so many more in need each year, we know that we could not have assisted the families we did without your help.  Our goal again this year is to have every family member we have elected to sponsor through this program receive at least one gift this Christmas and thanks to sponsors and supporters like you assisting us by:

  • Hosting a Toy, Gift, & Stocking Stuffer Collection Drive at your location (Click here for registration form)
  • Adopting one or more families through our Adopt-A-Family program (see holiday stories below)
  • Donating items or gifts toward any of the families or stocking stuffers (Click here for wish list)
  • Making a monetary donation and we do the shopping
  • Volunteering time for our HSP workshop, pick-ups, or deliveries
  • Contributing to our HSP Toy & Gift and Stuff the Stocking Drives (click Here for our wish list)

    Please let us know if you, and maybe your friends, family, or co-workers would like to help us provide families and children in the community with a happier holiday in 2017!  Our organization knows that without your support, we would not be successful in our efforts to improve the quality of life for the low-income families that we serve. Your help was and is very much appreciated in making the holiday season brighter and encouraging a more positive outlook for low-income families and communities. 


    We want you to know that, unlike most holiday programs, we require a 12-month commitment from those families that receive support through our  Adopt-A-Family program component. This commitment requires enrollment in our L.E.A.P. Program (if not already enrolled) and allows us to help them plan and to track their progress toward improving their own conditions for a more secure quality of life. During that time, we work with the families on short- and long-term goal-setting and taking action steps, and financial management, plus any other life-skills training necessary to help them elevate.  We do not believe in giving handouts, but in giving a hand up!  Thank you again for your hand up to us and to the program's families!  God bless.



    2017 Holiday Support Program Stories


    2016 HSP Donors and Supporters



    the SA Group
    Nina, Crystal & Andre
    Deborah Ogunti
    Marina Andrews
    the Ellis Family
    the Bosmans
    the Eichelberger family
    the Harris family
    All anonymous supporters
    All HSP volunteers
    All Stocking Stuffers

    Holiday Support Program Adopt-A-Family Guidelines
    *Select the family or families you're going to adopt or support
    • Contact HSP Coordinator at (314)925-0750 or (314) 863-5227 or rose@raacommittee.org.
    *Provide the name or names to be listed as donors/supporters
    • Organizations/Businesses are welcome to submit logos (must be .jpeg or .gif format)
    • Names/Logos are for inclusion on web site and in printed media
    • Let us know if you wish to remain anonymous 
    *Gift items can be new or gently used
    • All items, new or used, must be marked with family ID number, plus intended family member number if for specific one. (If items being given are not for any particular family or family member, just label "ANY"
    • Used items cannot be gift wrapped and should be as clean as possible/in working order
    • New items can be wrapped but must have who it is for written/labeled small buy clearly on package/bag; or our volunteers will wrap them for you
    • A list of any items wrapped prior to us receiving them is required.  Please strictly adhere to this because this saves us from having to un-wrap items to ensure the appropriateness of the gifts for the intended. (Note:  an Item Tracker form will be provided for your convenience in listing items) 
    • We will re-label all gifts with actual names of the intended receiver prior to the families receiving them from us so that it is a more personal experience when they open their gifts on Christmas
    • Donors should try to  provide at least 1 roll of wrapping paper even if items are wrapped
    • Call HSP Coordinator as soon as possible if there are furniture items being donated to arrange pick up or delivery
    *Gift Cards/Cash Value Cards and Restricted Monetary Donations 

    • Family names and contact information are considered confidential information and will not be shared.  Anyone wishing to assist a family with gift cards should place the cards in a sealed envelope and sign across the seal.  On the front of the envelope should be the family’s ID number (if for a particular family), card type or store name(s) and the card value amount(s).  Once the HSP Coordinator receives the sealed envelope, it will then be inserted, unopened, into another envelope and delivered to the family.
    • Monetary donations for specific needs, e.i. utility or rent payment, can be done two ways:  1) In the form of cashier's check, money order, or company check  made payable directly to the vendor (e.i. Ameren UE) you wish to make payment to on the family's behalf.  2) Cashier's check, money order, or company check made payable to R.A.A.! or click DONATE below along with specific instructions on how it should be disbursed and R.A.A.! will make payment directly to vendor(s) on family's behalf.  Under NO circumstances is cash given directly to the families.

    *Deadline is Saturday, December 16, 2017

    • All pick ups and deliveries must be coordinated through HSP Coordinator
    • Drop-off location / Mailing address: 1268 Ferguson Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63133    Note: Any items mailed must have Family ID number included. A list of contents is required by the HSP Coordinator prior to mailing for receipt verification purposes
    • Though donors are strongly encouraged to meet the December 16th deadline, exceptions may be allowed by HSP Coordinator
    • Donations may be tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.  Please check with your tax preparer for details

    THANKS! We could not do this without YOU!

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